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   Viewing Paul Green Bust,
   a Historical Marker and Landmark in Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, NC
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Paul Green Bust
(Reference code: NC_MSM_00066)

Historical Marker Transcription

Paul Green

Author of The Lost Colony
The first of his 17 outdoor dramas

Human and Civil Rights Leader
Pulitzer Prize for Drama
Dramatist Laureate of North Carolina
Father of Symphonic Outdoor Drama

This monument made possible by a generous grant from the Outer Banks Community Foundation with support from The Paul Green Foundation

Historical marker raised by:
[Outer Banks Community Foundation The Paul Green Foundation]

Notes about Paul Green Bust Historical Marker and Landmark

What's here:

A historical marker or plaque.
A physical landmark.

Tags for this Historical Marker and Landmark

[lost_colony] [roanoke]

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Location of Historical Marker and Landmark

Inside Lost Colony Playhouse
Fort Raleigh National Historic Site
Dare, NC, US

This marker is found along:
[US-264] [US-64]
Latitude (N/S): 35.939066
Longitude (E/W): -75.708983

Paul Green Bust

Photo © WanderingRaleighite: All rights reserved

Completion Level

  • This landmark is 94% complete.
  • We need:
  • Postal code
  • Photo or photos

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